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Real estate & Interior Design

For the first time, an interior design studio includes in its services a service that complements it in the most natural way, the world of Real Estate. The real estate market has always been a focus for profitable investment and withstood international economic fluctuations, maintained its strength, the Covid period did not hurt it and vice versa, very impressive real estate deals were closed. People understood that this investment is a profitable investment that provides long-term security.

The perfect collaboration


The cooperation with the leading international Real Estate Powerhouse in Israel and the world RE / MAX LUXURY in KIKAR HAMEDINA allows us to present a project thanks to our ability to see the potential even before the purchase, which gives you confidence and support in the most important and valuable process of buying and / or selling your properties.

We accompany the customer even before buying the apartment, visit the properties together and show you, the customers, the potential in the apartment so that your choice will be the right one from the beginning of the process. Once you decide to purchase the property, we will adjust the changes to your requirements and accompany you in the process of purchasing the finishes, sanitary ware, kitchen, bathrooms, furniture and more… until the pictures are hung.

Avi Maron
Master in interior design
Brokerage license holder 3212370

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