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Giorgio Armani and Architect Avi Maron - Milano

Mr. Giorgio Armani and Avi Maron

"For me, working with Mr. Armani was the most important encounter during my career. The most meaningful creative experience that will stay with me forever." , Avi Maron

Architect Avi Maron

Interior Architect Avi Maron

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With over two decades of experience in architecture, interior design, and office design, Maronmilano has successfully worked with a variety of local, national, and international clients and brands such as Giorgio Armani.

The studio is renowned for its unique and high-level designs, as well as for its precision and attention to detail.

From retail and hospitality to residential and exhibition design, Maronmilano is a professional architect studio dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality of service and design in English, Hebrew, French and Italian.

What we do

At Maronmilano Design Studio, we specialize in creating unique, stylish, and innovative designs that bring our clients' visions to life. With 20 years of experience, our dedicated team of experienced professionals specialize in architecture, interior design, and branding for office design.

Our meticulous research and development process is centered around a careful process of discovery and creativity, and we proudly accept projects of all sizes and styles.

We specialize in residential projects, retail projects, working spaces, hotel and restaurant design, and more

We have already collaborated with a variety of renowned brands, and we are always open to new opportunities and collaborations.

At Maronmilano Design Studio, we value the importance of collaboration and sharing, and strive to provide our clients with the highest quality of design and customer service.

Who we are

Avi Maron

With more than 10 years experience in the fashion industry at Giorgio Armani’s design office in Milan, Avi Maron was in charge of designing and project management for the Giorgio Armani boutiques worldwide in Europe, China, Brazil, South Africa and the USA.


Following his extensive experience in the retail fashion industry, Avi enriched his skills by designing for Armani Casa managing residential projects working directly with Mr. Armani, by selecting and creating the most prestigious lines and material combination for the brand luxury projects all over the world.

During and after his studies in Milano, he used to collaborate with Architects in Milan and Zurich (Switzerland). Avi planned prestigious offices and stores such as the Italian Panerai, the Dutch company Mellin, the Swedish Kinnarps and more.


The connection with the world of Luxury started with his first work experiences: The Home Signature department boutique of Gianni Versace and then in the prestigious Roberto Cavalli boutique of Sloan Street in London.

​Today, as the founder of Maronmilano Design Studio, he uses his skills and expertise to serve clients around the world with unique and high quality designs.

G. Marc Dan​

Interior Design sector specialist, after a relevant career in the business development of international design companies in Europe and the rest of the world, G. Marc Dan has a strong knowledge of European design latest trends and innovations.

In his 8 years working experience for the French multinational Maisons du Monde, he managed hundreds of interior decor projects in all Europe by providing the best service support and creative concepts to the customers in Germany, Italy, France, Uk, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Benelux and the Netherlands.

He also has an extensive experience in providing a privileged long-term relationship with the clients mixed with excellent customer care skills and strong product knowledge.

G. Marc Dan is French, has lived more than 10 years in Italy and speaks several languages. He completed his business studies with interior design studies in the ‘Ecole Nationale de Construction’ in France.

In 2016, he wrote as an external consultant for the famous Italian Interior Design Magazine “Home!”.

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