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Avi Maron
Design Director

Adding an experienced Interior Design Director with a strong background in luxury design to your company will bring several significant advantages and added value to your company.


Avi Maron is a highly skilled interior designer who pursued a Master's degree in interior design in Milan, known as the design capital of the world.

Avi's career started in Zurich, where he worked on designing the 'Globus Shop' next to Zurich Lake. He gained valuable experience working with 'il prisma milano,' a leading studio in the field of working spaces in Italy.

His role evolved from project management and retail design to contributing to the luxury residential interior design of 'ARMANI CASA’.

Avi had a significant career milestone when he worked closely with Mr. Giorgio Armani for 12 years and with over 25 years of experience in luxury interior design.

Luxury Mansion Interior
Designer Comparing Samples
Team Meeting

The added value

Expertise in Luxury Design: An Interior Design Director with experience in luxury design can elevate the quality and aesthetics of the firm's projects, enabling them to cater to high-end clients and luxury markets. They would bring a deep understanding of materials, finishes, and design concepts that are essential for luxury spaces.

Expanded Service Offerings: With a specialized Interior Design Director, your company can broaden its service offerings to include high-end residential, hospitality, and commercial design. This diversification can attract a more affluent clientele and open up new revenue streams.

Enhanced Portfolio: The addition of luxury interior design expertise will enrich your portfolio with prestigious projects, showcasing the firm's capabilities in creating opulent and exclusive spaces. This can help the company stand out in a competitive market.

Attracting High-Profile Clients: An Interior Design Director with a strong luxury background may bring a network of connections in the luxury sector. This can lead to collaborations with high-profile clients, luxury brands, and developers seeking top-tier design services.

Increased Reputation and Recognition: Successful luxury projects under the guidance of an experienced Interior Design Director can significantly enhance the firm's reputation in the industry. Award-winning luxury designs can bring recognition and prestige to the company.

Customization and Personalization: Luxury design often involves a high degree of customization to meet the unique preferences and desires of clients. The Interior Design Director can lead the team in delivering tailored, bespoke solutions, further enhancing the client experience.

High-Quality Relationships: Building relationships with luxury suppliers, artisans, and craftsmen is crucial in luxury design. An experienced director can bring existing relationships to the firm, ensuring access to premium materials and craftsmanship.

Strengthened Brand Identity: The firm can refine its brand identity as a top-tier provider of luxury interior design services, which can set it apart from competitors and attract clients who value exclusivity and excellence.

Modern Interior

The service for your company

  • The Head of Interior Designer is responsible for setting the overall creative vision for design projects, leading the development of design concepts, themes, and style guidelines for each project.

  • Assemble and manage a team of interior designers, architects, and other specialists providing guidance, support, and mentorship to the design team, nurturing their skills and creativity.

  • Assess project requirements, client objectives, and budget constraints. by developing a strategic design plan that encompasses space layout, materials, colors, and aesthetics.

  • Ensure that the design team adheres to industry best practices and maintains high-quality standards in all projects. Review and adjust designs to meet or exceed client expectations.

  • Manage the project budget and allocate resources efficiently. Ensure the team has the necessary tools, materials, and personnel to execute projects successfully.

  • Develop and oversee project timelines to ensure that projects are completed on schedule. Create detailed design drawings, specifications, and documentation for contractors and builders.

  • Work closely with clients to understand their design. Effectively communicate design concepts, plans, and progress to clients and stakeholders.

  • Stay updated on the latest design trends, technologies, and materials in the interior design industry. Encourage creative and innovative thinking within the design team.

  • Address design challenges and make necessary adjustments during the project's lifecycle. Resolve conflicts within the design team and with clients to ensure smooth project progression.

  • Ensure that design plans comply with local building codes, safety regulations, and other legal requirements. Oversee the acquisition of permits and approvals for design projects when necessary.

  • A good Design Director knows to invest in his own professional growth, attend industry events, and participate in training to stay at the forefront of interior design.

Luxurious Hotel Room

In Summery

Plays a multifaceted role, combining creative leadership, strategic planning, team management, client interaction, quality control, and project management. My experience is the instrumental in translating design concepts into real, aesthetically pleasing, and functional interior spaces.

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