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The process of managing modifications

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About the process

The process of managing modifications to your new flat takes place between the initial purchase and the handover to the tenant. This is especially important when you wish to personalize your new apartment. Many clients opt for changes like expanding the kitchen, altering its shape, or replacing gas stoves with electric ones.

Other common modifications include upgrading faucets and transforming wet spaces, such as switching from a bathtub to a shower or opting for hanging toilets instead of monobloc ones. As interior designers, we ensure that these changes align with standards, saving you additional costs and seamlessly integrating them into the original plan.

Our Initial Meeting

In our first meeting, we comprehensively discuss your project, the standard plan, and establish an organized program based on your needs. We provide detailed lists (tenant files) explaining the project scope, a price list for changes, and schedules to be adhered to. Our responsibility is to submit change plans promptly, as any delays can impact the apartment delivery date.

Conversation between Colleagues

Building the planning program

We begin building an organized plan by understanding your personal needs, all while considering project limitations and building systems. Architectural changes, such as expanding spaces, can be accommodated based on your preferences.

Selection of materials and finishes

Our service includes accompanying you to various stores suggested by the contractor to choose flooring, wall coverings, sanitary ware, faucets, and kitchen marble. We also visit kitchen companies that offer discounts for changing the standard kitchen. Additionally, we assist in choosing items not typically provided by the contractor, like lighting fixtures and wardrobes.

Clean Bathroom
Minimal Design Apartment

The planning phase

This enjoyable stage involves meticulous planning, ensuring that every corner of your house is addressed. We communicate the details clearly, providing you with a vision of how your future apartment will look.

Sending a full set of change plans for execution

In the final stage, we hand over a comprehensive set of plans to the contractor, covering building plans, air conditioning, plumbing, electricity, lighting, and layouts for bathrooms.

Quiet Desk

What else is important for you to know?

Pricing for Changes

We accompany you during the cost submission stage, offering transparency to avoid miscalculations by the contractor.

We are here to make the process easy and ensure you make the right choices in colors and finishes.

Your dream apartment will become a reality, and we provide full support to make everything simple and smooth.

For any questions, feel free to call or send a WhatsApp message, and we'll be happy to assist you

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