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Translated, based on an original article in Shamnet magazine by The Marker Magazine

Eden Amit in cooperation with Avi Maron

Avi Maron, an architect and interior designer, has a lot of talent and a bit of luck. This is how it is when you get a dream job but don't forget where you came from. "My professional and international experience allows me to create dream spaces and unforgettable life experiences for my clients"

Avi Maron's professional path goes through all the right stops. He studied interior architecture and was hired by the office of Orli Shrem, the famous architect. After two years, he received her blessing to go and continue his studies at the "Politecnica" in Milan, a first turning point in his life. "I went to get a master's degree in Milan and stayed for about 20 years," says Maron.

During his studies, Maron realized that he was at the center of all, literally: "Through the mediation of my main master instructor, Marco Piva, I deepened my knowledge of the city and realized that Milan is not only the capital city of local Italian design, but the design capital of the entire world.

People come to Milan with the aim of experiencing design in the full sense of the word, in the authentic, contemporary and advanced way." While studying, Maron began working in a local architectural office where he deepened in important principles such as attention to detail and familiarity with design details that draw from inspirations, from different styles and periods. "Everything is there, embedded in European culture and a part of it. You don't have to go far to find a detail of ironwork or renaissance colors, all the beauty and aesthetics are spread before your eyes.

"When asked why he decided to stay, he answers with a smile "because of the food” but adds that this city has everything and especially a passion that is very easy to be drawn to. No need to wait for the next exhibition. It is enough to walk around the streets and see how time develops, how fashion connects to interior design and how the aesthetics and collections are displayed in the shop windows".

He opened his studio "MARONMILANO" immediately after finishing his studies. In the meantime, he carried out projects in Israel as well, in cooperation with architects, mainly technical submissions of construction permit, and at the same time he worked for Studio Il Prisma Milano, for interior design specializing in office design. Then came a surprising phone call, the second turning point in his life.



In 2004, Maron went to a job interview at the Armani offices and forgot about it. Two and a half years later, he received a call. "I went for another interview and was accepted. I was asked if I was interested in designing boutiques for Giorgio Armani, and I could commit to multiple business trips outside of Italy as well, such a dream offer cannot be refused. From then until I returned to Israel we cooperated closely, I managed projects and designed about 50 Armani boutiques in the entire world".


How did you jump into the water?

"In the retail world, everything is very fast because a lot of money is involved. The boutiques must be opened on time, mainly because of the rental costs, collections adapted to the seasons and gifts for the holidays. All the boutiques are designed according to a concept book that adapts itself, improves and tightens according to the location of each boutique and the experience gained in the field. A store on the French Riviera, for example, will be designed with different materials than a store in Paris or Sao Paulo."


And meeting GIORGIO ARMANI himself?

"Everything, even the smallest, has to be presented to Mr. Armani, get approval and be signed by his hand. He is constantly present in everything, checking and interested. Because his empire is so big, it takes time to schedule every meeting with him, but once it happens - it's amazing. Although the meetings are conducted according to the European rules of etiquette, this is a humble person above all, one who speaks at eye level, consults, and asks to know the opinion of his interlocutor.

That's how it went on for 13 years. I flew all over the world and later I also moved to the interior design studio of Armani Casa, which specializes in residential and hospitality design signed by Giorgio Armani."


With all this goodness, did you decide to return to Israel?

"Definitely a good reason. At some point, about 4 years ago, I decided to come back mainly because I wanted to start a family, a third turning point in my life. Today I am mainly in Israel and still manage projects around the world by remote if necessary. Sometimes I choose the materials here, send specifications and lists for purchase and arrive as well to the sites, giving solutions in the and finish before the customers come in. I recently finished such a project in Monte Carlo".


Very connected to the Israelis

Maron says that his target audience is people who appreciate design and do not compromise on quality. "I own a boutique studio that maintains a personal relationship with each client. In addition to Armani, my international experience brought me to work with big brands such as Roberto Cavalli, Montblanc, Panerai, Lancôme, and at the same time of course I also designed a lot for residences, hospitality, and offices. From there I bring a load of creativity, Functionality, innovation, sustainability, and originality, with an emphasis on personal and precise customization alongside improving the user's quality of life. My expertise and mission is to make proper use of my unique toolbox and create dream spaces and unforgettable life experiences for my clients."

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